Thursday, January 01, 2009


About 10 minutes left in the first day of the New Year.

Didn't really have an answer for Jeannette today when she asked me if I was going to make any resolutions or goals for this year. "Eat healthier" was the lame answer that came out.

But now I think I have a better answer, which I'll have to share with her tomorrow because she's in bed right now. Here's my personal goals:

- Read 60 books
- Re-develop a habit of journaling
- Develop a habit of regular blogging
- Do an in-depth study of Leviticus
- Develop a habit of regular exercise
- Hang out with people more often; especially family
- Oh...and eat better

I wanted to say to blog daily, but I know that's cliche, lame, and somewhat unrealistic.

And I'm cutting this short because I have 2min left in the day and I want to get it in on Jan 1st. I'll have to think through other goals and put them down later.

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