Thursday, January 08, 2009

Best of 2008: Movies

It's hard to remember movies over a year's time. I went to Wikipedia to see what movies came out in 2008. First thing I realized is that there are a lot of movies that I want to see that I still haven't yet (James Bond, Horton, Yes Man, etc). But after a little searching, here are my worst, honorable mentions, and Top 10 of 2008:

10,000 BC
Jeannette liked it, but I didn't. The story was just kinda lame and the CGI at times was equally lame.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
To be fair, we watched this on DVD without 3-D glasses. It may have been a little better in the full 3D experience, but the movie experience I had was a little ridiculous at times.

Honorable Mention:
Jumper - Thought it was going to be lame simply because Hayden Christensen was in it - but it ended up being enjoyable.
Cloverfield - I thought this was going to be so lame, but a lot of the teens were talking about it so I rented it. Very creative, well done. The Blair Witch meets Godzilla is the most accurate description I heard about it.
Leatherheads - Movie got bad reviews but I really liked it. Very funny.
Baby Mama - Big Tina Fey fan here, so I was looking forward to this. Thought it would have been a little funnier, but it definitely had some funny parts.
Hellboy II. - Went into this with low expectations, simply because sequels can be bad. But thanks to Guillermo del Toro it was very good!

Top Ten:
10. Star Wars - the Clone Wars - Yes, I'm biased, get over it. It was funny, well done, and great.

9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - No where near as bad as some people made it out to be. Every time I heard someone say, "It was so unrealistic" I wanted to ask "Did you not see the other 3 movies?"

8. Kung-Fu Panda - absolutely hilarious. Great story & animation.

7. Rambo - I really hoped this wasn't going to be a dud, and in my opinion it wasn't. Rather violent at times, in a first 10min of Saving Private Ryan kind of way, but I thought it was a good story.

6. Wanted - Just saw this on DVD. The epitome of an action-focused "guy flick"

5. Be Kind Rewind - Probably most underrated and misunderstood movie of the year. Because of Jack Black being in it I think people expected something that the movie wasn't. Though it was funny, it wasn't meant to be a slap-stick funny. GREAT story. To me it was a beautiful movie.

4. The Incredible Hulk - The way talk was leading up to this movie, I apparently am one of the only ones who liked the Hulk movie that came out a few years ago. Regardless, this one was better. As much as I like Ed Norton, I didn't think he would be good a Bruce Banner. But, I was wrong.

3. Iron Man - I knew this movie would be good, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. If the Dark Knight hadn't come out it would have been the superhero movie of the year.

2. Seven Pounds - I saw this on New Year's Eve with Jeannette. Again, not understanding the bad reviews. Beautiful story of redemption and trying to make things right.

1. The Dark Knight & Wall-E - Yes, a tie for the best. I don't have to choose one, it's my blog. A friend of mine texted me when he was done seeing the Dark Knight to tell me what he thought of it. His text said, "One word: epic" And, I think that sums it up. The depth of Wall-E is hard to put words around, as far as its art, story, and excellence. Both of these movies set a benchmark as to how movies should be made in the future.

And now I wait for Transformers 2 to come out.

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