Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Exciting Glimpse of the Future Church

We hear a lot of negative today about the state of Christian church, some of it founded and some of it not. But the way some of the negative is put you would think that we have to fear for the future of the church - that it's just too messed up and beyond hope.

Now, there are two huge reasons why I have hope and excitement for the future of the church (and the present). The first is in the fact Jesus promised us He would build His church. The second reason is in my firsthand experience in and with church: it can be and is a beautiful thing.

My point in saying all of the above is to highlight the fact I'm now able to add a third reason for excitement and hope in the church.

Last August I started teaching at Moody Bible Institute as an adjunct professor and have had the privilege of teaching and getting to know 76 students over the course of three different classes. These are future pastors, teachers, youth pastors/leaders, counselors, missionaries, church leaders, writers, and a variety of other focuses - all current and/or future embracers and builders of the church, impacters and influencers of culture.

Thinking about the students I've had these past two semesters, it's evident to me that God has some pretty amazing and talented people to work through. The future church is looking pretty good. It's been exciting for me to see it and be a part of it.

So...a "shout out" to my Moody students! Thanks for a great first year of teaching and three great classes! You're all awesome!


Caitlin McAlvey said...

well, shucks! and we thank YOU for being an amazing prof!

Marija said...

Bobby, that was so nice, thanks! You are such a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from you. I also find it funny that one of the books you are reading is "A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics" sounds like sparknotes to me ;).

bobby said...

It's a book I'm looking at to see if we'll use it as a text book next semester. :o)