Thursday, June 18, 2009

Personal reminder to remember the big picture

I like big picture thinking - thinking of how things have transpired from the past and how things will move into the future. That being said, sometimes I need reminders to widen my angle of vision beyond just what I think and feel in a moment.

This is an old email I received from New Life two years ago today:

The first time Jeannette & I visited New Life was at the Midway campus for the Father's Day service, two years ago. We had no idea where our next ministry was going to be and were at a point where we were praying, "OK God, where are you leading us?" At the time New Life wasn't even on the radar - we were just visiting with family for Father's Day, hence the thanks for visiting email.

And today, two years after receiving the above email, I'm working on the Father's Day message for our New Like Oak Forest location.

Amazing how God has things pan out.

Just be obedient in your life and trust Him along the way.

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