Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday we were scheduled to welcome our son into the world. Jeannette's C-Section was to be at 9:30am, shortly thereafter followed up with, "It's a..."

As you can tell from my previous post, our timing expectations were not met. Our son, Jaxon Zion, came two weeks early (technically three weeks from the actual due date).

Why in the world would God do that to us?

I mean, come on, we were going that Wed to get baby stuff out of storage; there weren't even any diapers in the house. Plus we already had the date on the calendar, we were dreaming of end-of-July birthday parties.

Why would He spring this on us?

Confession time: I'm so glad Jaxon came early! Seriously, we were praying and old school crossing our fingers for him to come early.

The obnoxiousness above comes from yesterday morning, 9:30am to be exact, when I was thinking that we rarely, if ever, question God's timing when it benefits and blesses. And hey, as long as the outcome is positive then we're good with early as well. But look out if God is late or negative on delivery. We'll complain, question, accuse, and doubt if it seems that God's timetable is out of sync with ours.

And in essence that's the problem: we have a plan we expect God to approve of and execute, rather than trusting His plan and will. Instead of putting faith in God's infinite foreknowledge, we lean on what we assume to foreknow - an outlook which in reality is finite.

Holding Jaxon for the first time that afternoon on the 13th, we thanked God for His goodness, His love, His faithfulness. Even though how He timed things was a curve ball, our thankfulness was thick.

Now I just have to remember that He never changes. Those characteristics are constant even when the timing curve can't be hit; even when it seems like it hit me in the face. We may never understand His timing, but we can believe He will always be true to who He is (that belief does need a proper understanding of who He is).

May we trust His timing.
May we have faith in His constantant goodness.

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