Monday, October 19, 2009

1-2 Punch to the gut from God

Because there aren't really any radio stations that I like or can stand for long periods of time, I normally listen to audiobooks while driving and then music when I'm working or just hanging out. Yesterday morning, on the drive from Bridgeport to Oak Forest, I had a couple old songs from when I was in youth group that I couldn't get out of my head. Therefore, I put my book on hold for a trip.

So I took in again two old Steve Camp songs that were formative for me the summer I began following Jesus. I've heard these two songs probably over 100x's in my life, but yesterday on the way to church they were a 1-2 punch from God. These two songs set the tone for my early walk with Jesus, and now 20 years later - I have to ask myself: am I living as they demand?

"Living Dangerously in the Hands of God" - LISTEN
How easily Jesus is forgotten amid the comfort of my life
How the flames become a flicker, and faith a brilliant disguise
Our Sundays become a holiday, they're an empty exercise
And the cost of real devotion seems so foreign to my life

Oh, to gladly risk it all, oh to be faithful to His call
Abandoned to grace yet anchored in His love
Living dangerously in the hands of God

Our Lord He is a hiding place, His hold is strong and sure
Though the storms may rage around Him in His love I stand secure
So let me live like I believe it, and though my faith is prone to fail
Though I cower under trial, by His grace I shall prevail


Spoken: There's safety in complacency,
but God is calling us out of our comfort zone
into a life of complete surrender to the cross.
To live dangerously as not to live recklessly but righteously.
And it is because of God's radical grace for us
that we can risk living a life of radical obedience for Him.

You've got to walk on for the Lord He walks with us
You've got to walk on though it costs you everything
You've got to pray on

Spoken: For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro
throughout the earth, that He may strongly support
those whose hearts are completely His.

...Living dangerously
Are you living dangerously
Oh we ought to be living dangerously in the hands of God

"Whatever You Ask" - LISTEN
Lord I see the things You ask of me
Faithfulness, holiness and purity
I love Your truth, I long to show it to the world for You
So Lord I need Your help to understand
The other person that I sometimes am
I never want to live a day that I can't say to You

Lord, whatever You ask I want to obey You
To let my life beat with a servant's heart
Lord whatever You ask I know
that You can give me wisdom and courage
To equal the task, whatever You ask

I think so much, it steals away
The will to make the time to serve and pray
And there are days I don't take up Your cross and follow You
But I have learned that I can talk with You
You know everything that I am going through
If I just ask I find that You're right there
Providing me with the strength I need
...To equal the task
Give me courage to equal the task
Lord whatever You ask

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