Sunday, February 14, 2010

God gave his only begotten discount

I tweeted about this picture the other day, but because I was back in the bookstore where it came from I couldn't resist taking a phone shot: 

I am ALL about being creative in how we communicate the message of Jesus.  I have no qualms about debating with someone who says "we don't need all of that creative illustrative stuff - just teach or preach the text." I feel that most people don't delve into the creative enough when talking about the most important thing that can be talked about.  

All of this being said...I have my limits.  And...this "sale" crossed them.  

Equating the incarnation with a discount price?  Really?  REALLY? 
(Said in Seth Myers & Amy Poehler Weekend Update voices)

For God so loved the world...He gave us 25% off?  
Well...50% if you're buying Guitar Praise (which is a whole other rant in and of itself).   

The church needs to be creative - but it also need not push the gospel down a slippery shallow slope of marketing cheese.  The gospel is not a product, nor should it be hijacked for cute sales slogans. 

And on top of it all the book I went into the bookstore to get wasn't on sale!  Guess love didn't come down for me - my purchase wasn't chosen.  The manager must be a hyper 5-point'er.

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Danegerous said...

Let's be honest, you bought them the God-given discount rate.