Saturday, August 21, 2010

11 Years of God's Grace

11 years ago today Jeannette & I started an amazing journey together.  Standing on that little hill at Meyer's Castle, with family, friends, and the youth group all around, we could never have guessed all that the next 11 years would bring.  But as the cliche goes, we wouldn't change anything.

Jeannette is in love with Jesus.  She spends time with Him regularly, seeks Him out, lifts our children to Him.  She worships Him daily with the song of her moment to moment.

Jeannette is deeply caring & compassionate.  She wants to help and feed every homeless person in Chicago, and she will come to the defense of the picked on and ridiculed.  

Jeannette is an incredibly strong woman.  For all of the difficult times we've had over the last 11 years, be they things we've brought on ourselves or having to deal with the choices and broken promises of others, she has carried the weight of those moments double: carrying her load and mine.  I would have given up on ministry a long time ago if not for her.  

Jeannette is not a very funny person, though she thinks she is.  But she and our friends Katie & Jessica form a good support group around this delusion.  

OK, she is funny.  Sometimes.  =)   

Jeanette is a very fun person to be with.  She loves to go places, experience new things, and never wants to just stay at home.  

Jeannette is an awesome mother.  Her love and passion for our children is bottomless.  She is determined to have them experience and explore what life has to offer, always taking them places around Chicago.  She is teaching them, lovingly pushing them, and modeling Jesus to them.

Jeannette is my wife.  I am so proud to be able to say that.  I am so fortunate to have her stand next to me and walk with me.  I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Below is the song I wrote for Jeannette for our wedding day.  I'm still singing it 11 years later (inside my heart, no one wants to hear my voice). 

I love you Jeannette!

I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

God’s Grace

Why in the world am I standing here?
I ask not from doubt but from amazement
Of this dream come true. 

Why in the world are you here with me?
So much more than I asked for, more than I deserve,
Love has overwhelmed my heart.

And the answer to my questions is
That God is worthy to be praised
He has joined us here by His grace.
And we’ve sworn friendship to each other
God is witness it will be forever
Living together in His perfect grace

What in the world will we find to come?
Family to raise, a generation to lead
Can you imagine the journey ahead?

And the answer to this question is
That God is worthy to be praised
He has joined us here by His grace
As husband & wife we’ll cling to him
As the hazy future becomes clear
Growing in and sharing of God’s grace

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Jessica said...

Jeannette is pretty awesome AND FUNNY! :) Okay, so you're awesome too, even though you pick on me, Jeannette, and Katie for our fantastic senses of humor... ;) Very happy for you guys as you celebrate another wonderful anniversary, and I'm so thankful that your family is a part of our lives. Love you all! :)