Thursday, August 05, 2010


Monday night Jeannette & I  were finally able to see Inception. Like when we saw Avatar, we were coming in a couple weeks after the initial release.  Part luckily, part purposefully, I didn't read anything being said - so, I managed to come in as normally desired: with only the general plot idea and no spoilers.

Inception was my kind of movie: deep, insightful, original, creative, and thought provoking.  I loved it!

Inception is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen.  There would need to be three or four more viewings to truly get my head around it.  However, reflecting on Inception initially, it did get inside me:

- The dream within the dream within the dream.
- The things locked in the basement.
- To pull off inception you have to plant the thought as deep as you can; it then takes root and grows.

There is always something underneath.  As a friend & mentor of mine has said, "the issue is never the issue - there is always something underneath."

In many ways I feel like I'm on an Inception journey right now, just without the cool dream architectural abilities or anti-gravitational kung-fu grip. God has been really working me over the last six months, relentlessly going deep and underneath.

        It is painful.
        It is necessary.
        It is confusing.
        It is freeing.
        It is difficult.
        It is focusing.
        It sucks.
        It is beautiful.

Walking through this dark cloud has been one of the most difficult and lonely things I've experienced.  But I wouldn't trade it.  I don't mean to sound trivially lame by saying that, and a few months ago I probably wouldn't have said it.  Yet over the last few weeks I've been gaining perspective on a couple things.  And normally perspective is the necessary first thing.

One thing came today when I looked up the meaning of the word, Inception. It means "beginning" or "an event that is a beginning."1 2

Once the idea is implanted deep enough and takes root - it is a...beginning.
Once you go into the basement and deal with the basement, an event occurs where there is an end and at the same time a new...beginning.

God goes deep, underneath our junk, into the locked basement - and deposits truth, plants truth, imparts truth.

When that truth takes root - it is a beginning.

A new beginning.

And that beginning is grace.

What is in your basement?  What's locked away?


Dan said...

I was reading this post and feeding Amelia, and she kept saying "Hi, hi hi"... I turned around and she was waving to the picture of Baylee.

bobby moss said...

That is hilarious! Well...bring her over so that they can play!