Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas isn't about giving

Christmas shopping isn't so bad. I listen to an audio book while I'm waiting in line. I do multiple laps around Sam's Club while I'm there so that I can have multiple takes at the samples, hence a free lunch. I sit at my laptop and click a few links for what's left. What's all the stress about?

I confess, I'm a gift person. Like buying gifts for people, getting them things I know they want. I'm excited about giving things to Jeannette this year. Have to still go shopping for Baylee & Jaxon - which is always fun. Just watching them open things is worth buying them stuff. 

But I confess further, I love getting gifts also. In fact, I probably get kid-excited, still making out a Christmas list. I find no shame in this - because the truth is: Christmas is about receiving!

That's right - I said it, "Christmas is about receiving."

At its deepest, corest reality - Christmas is about what we receive, not what we give. For what is Christmas but a celebration of Jesus' birth - He was given to us. I did not earn Him or His love, I do nothing to gain more of Him but freely accept Him - for He was given to me out of the depth of the Father's love for me.

Excited about the gifts I receive, I'll remember that He was given to me.
Excited about the gifts I'll give, I'll remember the love in which He was given to me.

This is an edited repost from Christmas 2008

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