Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, the founding pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, wrote this blog entry for the Washington Post: "What we tell our kids about Santa"

Though I still lean toward allowing for Santa while the kids are as little as ours (1yr & 4yrs), his is probably the most fair & gracious take on the subject.  I recommend the read.

Your thoughts on Santa?


Amanda said...

Bobby, thank you for this! Brad and I have really been struggling with how to handle Santa in our family and this article puts it perfectly!

bobby moss said...

No prob. I do think that Santa is OK when they are little. Baylee at 4 will understand we have been pretending and not belligerently lying to her. The big thing is that I want to be the one to tell her and her not find out on her own.

The whole lying issue I think is over stated, but I still like how he summarizes things and values redeeming Santa.