Saturday, January 01, 2011

Just another day

The 24 hour cycle is pretty consistent, only thrown off once.
No one gets wow'd when 3pm comes around;
regardless of your time zone, you are guaranteed to hit it.
6am is guaranteed as well.

In these terms,
though it's a simplistically cool numerical sequence,
1.1.11 is just another day.


Is Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, your anniversary or your birthday just another day?

It's the pinnacle day to examine backwards and dream forwards.

It's the narrow moment that allows a holistic view of things.
Each sunset & sunrise is like walking through dense trees,
but on New Year's Day we are lifted high to see the entire forest
and how we've journey over the last year.
From that point of view we are then offered the chance
to chart a new course for the upcoming leg of the journey.

This is not just another day. 

And on this very unordinary day,
the cast of RENT comes to my mind with the question that needs an answer, 

What day did you feel the most full of life?
What day did you pull the covers over head and wish the world would go away?
What day did you cry because you were laughing so hard?
What day did you cry because you were feeling so helpless?
When did you work your hardest?
When were you your laziest?
Who did you receive the most from?
Who did you give the most to?
Who was your best cup of coffee shared with?
What movie inspired you?  Which did you want your money back after?
What happened that you wanted to praise God from the depths of your heart?
What happened that you want to scream at Him, "What the heck?!?"
What are you most proud of?  Ashamed of?
Who do you need to go back and thank?
Who do you need to go back and apologize to?
What did you create?
What did you dream?
How are you different a year later?
How are you the same?

525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year?

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