Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Merry Christmas To All" - CD from our worship team!

I'm really excited about our first Christmas with New Life Lincoln Park!!! 

This is an email I just sent out to our location's community about our Christmas services and explaining how to get some free Christmas music! Our amazing worship team recorded a Christmas album that we are giving away tomorrow, but the link is below so that you can download it now!


Here is the link to download the CD: Merry Christmas To All

And if you are in Chicago tomorrow and don't have a church to attend for Christmas, I'd love it if you'd come to ours! It's going to be a really cool service with a ton of amazing music, including songs by Coldplay, Michael Card, and Mumford & Sons (never thought you'd hear those 3 names mentioned together, did you?)*

Our service is at 10am, on the northside of Chicago, not too far from Lincoln Park Zoo. The address is 1110 W. Lill Ave, Chicago, 60614


 *Disclaimer: Coldplay, Michael Card, and Mumford won't actually be present, our worship team will be doing the performing.
But our worship does their songs better than they do. We know, they told us.

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