Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The worst Christmas songs ever

I really do like Christmas music. 
Yes, I hold to the strict conviction that the yuletide tunes shouldn't be played until AFTER Thanksgiving. Come Black Friday though, crank them up to a holiday 11.
Well, crank most of them. 
Jeannette has 93.9 on almost all day with the Christmas music (the only time 93.9 is EVER listened to by either of us, just want to clarify that). The nonstop Christmas variety of music is awesome...usually. There are some that are like an ensemble of hands down a huge chalkboard. This is where daddy steps in and hits the power button to red.
These are my despised Christmas songs:
  • #5 - Jingle Bells, sung by anyone. I'm not a Scrooge. I'm just saying that some songs get old. The only redeeming thing about this song is singing it with Baylee because she enjoys it. If she's not around - music off!
  • #4 - Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Please leave musical humor to Weird Al.
  • #3 - Anything on the Justin Bieber Christmas album. Enough said.
  • #2 - Santa Baby, by Madonna. Not sure why but this song becomes more and more annoying to me as the years go on. I'm cool with Madonna, but ugh...so bad.
  • #1 - Last Christmas, by Wham. Why do you say? Simple...BECAUSE IT'S BY WHAM!!! If that isn't enough (which it should be), because he sounds so annoyingly whiny backed up by a horrible version of 80's pop that is only slightly worse then their dorky haircuts. 
Despite these embarrassing works of so called art, there is a TON of great Christmas music out there. Songs that not only avoid getting turned off, but make we wish we could crank to 12.

There are certain Christmas albums I go to, more than just songs. I try to get at least one new Christmas album every year, of which this year's was Phil Wickham's. But these are my go-to albums during the Christmas season:
What's your least favorite Christmas songs? What's your favorite?


Todd said...

Good list, Bobby. I swear I think we're brothers separated at birth.

After Thanksgiving I only listen to Christmas music on my Ipod and computer. I love it (but by January, I'm done with it for another 11 months).

My most played are Nat King Cole, Very Special Christmas, and Charlie Brown.

My boys keep asking me to play Bruce's "Santa Clause is Coming to Town," and I want to cry listening to Clarence.

Although I kind of have a love/hate thing for "Last Christmas." Too much dancing to Wham when I was younger.

I totally agree with Madonna's "Santa Baby." Incredibly annoying.

Eartha Kitt's version is amazing. She has the sexiest voice ever.

Love Bing and Bowie...amazing song.

Kevin B said...

I've got a song for your horrid list and two albums for your good list.

-Michael Buble singing Santa Baby but replacing the word baby with buddy. It is embarrassing and weird from every vantage point.

-Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong
-James Taylor at Christmas

Jessica said...

Jimmy Eat World covered "Last Christmas," and it makes it much more enjoyable. :)

One of my favorite Christmas songs that I used to hear on 93.9: "Dominick the Donkey." Makes me laugh every time.

Cathy said...

Don't forget Hipster's Holiday! Because we want "Santa To Do The Mambo!"