Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Never been to Canada? Here's pics to show what the weather in February is like

As an American, my preconceived idea of Canada is that it is cold 365 days of the year. Supposedly it's not, but February isn't the best time for someone to try and convince me otherwise. When I found out in the fall that I'd be coming to Winnipeg this February my host told me over the phone, "You're basically coming to the coldest place in Canada during the coldest time of the year."


It's super cold here! I've been through intense Chicago winters, and this is colder!!!

Never been here? Don't believe me? I took these pics of downtown Winnipeg to show how cold it is here in February: 
It's pretty much unbearable.


David said...

Hahaha classic.

rick_a said...

How were you able to take that self-portrait while you were standing on the corner? Pretty impressive.