Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two words you can say that will give someone an instant spirit boost

A couple weeks ago I did a message at church that I felt really didn't go over that well. It wasn't my worst ever, but it wasn't as I had hoped. The collateral damage wasn't a huge dark cloud, but there was a mixture of frustration and questioning of self. My sense of perfectionism can be rather brutal at times.

After service a guy from our church asked me if I could send him the notes from a message I'd done a few weeks prior. Out of my mouth came, "Sure, no problem." In my head was, "Obviously not wanting today's stuff." Despite my pity party I emailed the notes later that afternoon. 

In the morning my inbox had a simple message from him saying thanks for the notes. But he also had this post script: 
"I'm sure thankful for a guy like you who can help out a guy like me."

That simple sentence was the funk killer for me.

My perfectionism was causing me to question if it was mattering to anyone, and his one sentence provided the answer. 

It's amazing the power of two simple words: THANK YOU!

Whether it is someone holding the door open for you or someone who has invested their time and energy in your life, those two words are the simplest yet most important form of returned affirmation.

THANK YOU says...
  • I value your act
  • I appreciate your effort
  • The investment you made was worth it
  • You did good
  • This was not a waste
Hearing "Thank You' can be the umpf that someone needs to keep going, as not hearing it can be a demotivator.  

So make a list of people who come to mind when you dwell on these:
  • A person who affirmed
  • A person who invested in me
  • A person who loved me
  • A person who empowered me
  • A person who sacrificed for me
  • A person who made me laugh
  • A person who was an example
  • A person who cared enough to confront
Who are the faces your mind's eye is looking at? Don't ignore those! Write a quick note. It doesn't have to be long, just a few lines. 

Just let them know you are thankful for what they did and who they are.
Because your thank you just might be the thing that they need to do it again.

There is incredible power in a "thank you."

These two words from your mouth: "Thank You!"
Kill these two words in their heart: "Give up"

"I thank my God every time I remember you" - Philippians 1:3

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Paul DeLaRoca said...

They boost my spirit1 It makes me feel acknowledged and appreciated so i do the same always and teach our girls the importance of those two words. I was recently sharing with a longtime friend that my family and i attend service at NLLP on sunday evening, and it has become a part of who i am trying to be. He has never known me to attend any service or have we shared conversations on faith. I was raised Catholic and i haven't been to CHURCH in years until we found NEW LIFE last summer. My point was that although NEW LIFE was new to me, I LOVE it and the reason i come here is to say THANK YOU to GOD and JESUS for endless reasons.