Saturday, July 07, 2012

Spider-man and my hilarious daughter

Tonight Baylee and I went to Target so she could pick out a birthday present for Jaxon. Of course we get to the point while walking the toy aisles that I realize she isn't behind me anymore. My assumption is that she got distracted at the Brave endcap. 

"Baylee, come here!" 

The shouted reply, "I can't - I'm stuck in a web!!!" 

"Baylee, please come by me. I don't want to lose you."

Mind you that we're having this conversation from across aisles, she comes back a little louder, "I can't dad! I'm stuck in a web!"

As I'm coming around the corner to see what in the world she's talking about this is what I find:

When I look at her she deadpans, "Spider-man got me. You have to pull me out."

Yes, she literally wouldn't move until I lifted her out of the web.

No, she never ceases to entertain. =)


Andrea Rose said...

That's hilarious!! I miss your sweet little girl.

Eric said...

That's awesome. Gotta love the imaginations of the little ones.