Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Thankful for my beautiful, sweet daughter

Everyone has dreams about their future. On December 4, 2006 a nurse said to me, "here you go daddy, meet your daughter." And for the first time I was able to hold this dream come true: 

And now today, six years later, she is still that dream. I am so thankful for my beautiful Baylee, my sweet daughter:

We went to Jewel this morning to buy cookies so she can celebrate with her friends at lunch. As we were walking the sidewalk to the main door I picked her up and prayed...

"God - thank you for this awesome little girl. (She interupted me at this point and whispered, "Big girl") ...for this awesome BIG GIRL! For giving mommy and me such an amazing daughter. I am so thankful that I get to be her daddy and I am so incredibly proud of who she is. Thank you for making her so much fun, for making her so caring, for giving her so much energy and with a sweet spirit, that she is helpful, that she tries so hard, and that she is growing up to be such an amazing BIG girl. Give her a great, fun, amazing birthday"

And now back in my office writing this, with somewhat watery eyes, I pray the other prayer I do every Dec 4th...

"Dear God...please slow down the time"

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