Saturday, January 12, 2013

The timeline of how we see other people's Christmas decorations

  • From the day after Thanksgiving to Dec 25: "Those Christmas lights are great!"
  • Dec 26-31: silence
  • Jan 1-7: "Guess it's time to take the lights down buddy."
  • Jan 8-14: "Seriously, they still have their lights up?"
  • Jan 15-21: "Hey you weirdos - Christmas was LAST YEAR!!"
  • Jan 22-31: "There should be a city ordinance and fees for people like that!"
  • Feb & March: Stunned silence. Burst of laughter or slow shaking back and forth of head. Possibly includes a phone pic sent to your friends accompanied by "Can you believe this?!?"
  • April to Sept: "What - are you just leaving them up so you don't have to do any work next year? Ghheezz...the laziness of some people"
  • Oct: Silently to yourself, "Maybe leaving them up was a good idea"
  • Nov 1 till Thanksgiving: "One holiday at a time people!"
Rinse and repeat

It should be noted that the "silence" of Dec 26-31 represents those who are taking down their decorations during that time.

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Awesome. :]