Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping isn't so bad. I listen to an audio book while I'm waiting in line. I do multiple laps around Sam's Club while I'm there so that I can have multiple takes at the samples, hence a free lunch. I sit at my laptop and click a few links for what's left. What's all the stress about?

I confess, I'm a gift person. Like buying gifts for people, getting them things I know they want. I'm excited about giving things to Jeannette this year. Have to still go shopping for Baylee for a couple things - which is always fun. Just watching her open things is worth buying her stuff. But I confess further, I love getting gifts also. In fact, I probably get kid-excited, still making out a Christmas list. I find no shame in this - because the truth is: Christmas is about receiving!

That's right - I said it, "Christmas is about receiving."

At its deepest, corest reality - Christmas is about what we receive, not what we give. For what is Christmas but a celebration of Jesus' birth - He was given to us. I did not earn Him or His love, I do nothing to gain more of Him but freely accept Him - for He was given to me out of the depth of the Father's love for me.

Excited about the gifts I receive, I'll remember that He was given to me.
Excited about the gifts I'll give, I'll remember the love in which He was given to me.

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Anonymous said...

Contrarian truth--my favorite kind. Thanks for the insight.