Friday, January 23, 2009

CPR & Inauguration

Last night Jeannette & I took a CPR class geared toward children & infants. There was no certification, but apparently the information was the same. I was impressed with how simple of a process everything was. The American Heart Association does a great job with the training class, called "Friends and Family," and we had a really good teacher. The thing we talked about on the way home was why more people don't learn something that is both so simple and so important. Busyness is obvious - as it was our excuse for the two years we've put off doing it since we first learned about the class. Or maybe just not realizing the ease and necessity. In my opinion it was worth the time (one 3hr class). Hope I'll never have to use, but I understand how to now if necessary.

Tuesday I watched the inauguration from my office at Moody. The connection through CNN/Facebook was rather inconsistent, and MSNBC wasn't a whole lot better. For Obama's speech it was pretty clear, but did get jumpy once or twice. I need to rewatch it before I make any comment in regards to the content of what he said. What I did appreciate was the overwhelming sense of hope that was present in the day. Not 100% obviously, as seen in some of the obnoxious Facebook statuses. But there was definitly a sense of hope and possibility in the day, something not present in quite awhile. And I think that was a good thing, a needed thing. I'm going to try and watch the speech again this weekend so as to be able to soak it in.

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