Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's come up twice this week in two different conversations; talking about the claim that is made sometimes that "If God were really there then He wouldn't allow evil to take place in the world."

Behind that sentence is normally a lot of hurt, a lot of anger, or a combination of both. There may also be confusion as well. Those feelings are real, and they need to be embraced and worked through.

Along with this though, I think the reality of the claim needs to be addressed.

It is basically saying that the presence of evil in the world proves God doesn't exist, because if He did then he would stop the evil. OK...let's say God doesn't exist. For the sake of argument, I'll go along with it. God doesn't exist.

Then...where does the evil come from?

I can't say that God doesn't exist and then blame Him for something. Either He exists or He doesn't, and if I say that He doesn't then He's off the hook for all of the evil.

So...where does the evil come from?

Humanity is the only other potential responsible party hanging around; and we do so with our hands in our pockets, looking around trying not to make eye-contact, whistling, with a "who me?" look on our face.

We choose wrongs, we treat others horribly, yes...we escort evil into the human race.

So the presence of evil in the world does not mean that God does not exist. But that then begs another question: Why would He allow people to freely choose to do evil acts?

But that's for another blog posting...

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Kevin said...

Great practical apologetic tool Bobby. thanks for this post.