Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Superbowl Recap

I know now that it was the Steelers and the Cardinals in the Superbowl, and I also know that the Steelers won. All trivial information.

Halftime show was GREAT! Bruce is...well, to be cliche, the man! I admit, I don't think "10th Ave Freeze Out" was the best song to start off with because it's incredibly old and not as many people would know it, but - he is the Boss. "Born to Run" and "Working on a Dream" I guessed he would play and was correct. For the uninformed, during "Working on a Dream" the guy standing behind him was indeed "the guy from the Sopranos" and the woman behind him was NOT Reba, it was his wife. I, like everyone else in the country, thought the last song would be "Born in the USA" - however "Glory Days" was a better pick. It goes along with the history of rock music that people still don't understand the meaning of the song. "Born in the USA" is not a happy, patriotic song. People love singing the chorus but don't know the verses. Bruce knows the meaning of his song - so he picked "Glory Days" - which is indeed a happy, friends hanging and celebrating type song. He was the man.

Commercials were OK this year. The beer commercials are normally a lot funnier, but this year they were rather lame. These were my favs:

#4 - Bob Dylan song

#3 -

#2 - "I'm Good"

#1 - Free Doritos

Last night at our 20's homegroup we were talking about who is left that would be good for the halftime show. U2 and Bruce have been the best, but who is there that wouldn't be lame? Here were some of our ideas:

- Bon Jovi
- Billy Joel
- Coldplay
- John Mayer

I can't remember who else we said, probably because those are the 4 I would approve of. :o)

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