Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waiting to get home

I'm sitting at gate C22 at the Minneapolis airport.

I should be sitting on the actual plane; should have been sitting on it for about 15 minutes now.

But...we're delayed. The delay could be over in another 15 minutes or it could last awhile. Thanks you weather of the Windy City.

I've been away from Jeannette, Baylee, and Jaxon for a week now. Yesterday at 5pm I started the hourly countdown of when I'd be back with them.

It's 6pm...23hrs to go.
It's 7pm...22hrs to go.
It's 8pm...21hrs to go.

And now Delta has thrown my countdown for a loop and given my anticipation a shot of unwanted adrenaline. We're delayed.

I just want to get home.

Since there's time I went ahead and walked over to A&W for some dinner. Can't ignore the call of that childhood drink. Waiting for my order I kept looking over at C22 to see if the delay time had changed.

Went to the restroom and then got a drink from the water fountain- immediately looked at C22 for changes.

I'm walking around and trying to pass the time, but getting home is first and foremost on my mind. I keep looking at C22; a behavior impacting priority.

And the "ah-ha" moment happens: this is a heaven glimpse.

Aren't we supposed to live with a constant awareness that we're "going home"?

Aren't we supposed to continually turn focus back to our ultimate destination, regardless of what we're doing or what's going on?

I'm not into Christian Hallmark cheese, but this did just hit me. It hit me because I know that I rarely think of...Home.

And not thinking about heaven, not having it ever before me, is a behavior impacting lack-of-priority. Unfortuately the behavior impact is destructive and apathy inducing.

Flight just got pushed back another 40 minutes.

May His delay not discourage us.

May we never think that the terminal is our destination - but may we know that how we exsist while in it does matter.

May we keep our eyes on the gate, waiting for it to open so that we can get where we belong.

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Jessica said...

I've been thinking of similar things lately, like how little I think about eternity, what my eternity will be like, what the eternity of others may be like... It used to be talked about so much, we used to be so excited about going to heaven someday... I wonder what happened to that. Good to know I'm not alone. :)