Friday, August 13, 2010

I Cried Like A Baby

Wednesday morning I posted the story of when I almost lost my iPhone.  Just a note for the cynical: every part of that story was true, including the punch in the gut part at the end.

After hitting the post button I was sat in my office thinking about that gut punch and my life, my expertise in screwing up, and my warehouse of questions.  It wasn't a dark cloud moment, but it wasn't time for cartwheels either.

Taking a break I brought up my Facebook home page and clicked the "Top News" link.  A friend of mine had the below video posted of military families being reunited.  It's popular on Facebook right now, so you may have already seen it. If you haven't, please watch it for a little bit before reading on:

I admit I started to get choked up as I watched the home comings. Especially about the 1:45 minute mark when the little princess is squeezing her daddy's neck while saying, "Daddy I missed you! I love you!" Think about the one you love being gone from you for so long, and then all of sudden they are there in the door. 

The teacher in me started thinking, "This illustrates the Prodigal's coming home a little."

If you read my iPhone story then you know about Jesus' whisper. It's when I had this thought about the prodigal that He whispered again:  

The ones celebrating are me.  The one's crying, laughing, jumping up and down, and running for the hug - that's me.

In that moment all of my thoughts of inadequacy were pushed out the door, and I sensed His love, His mercy and His grace.  And I started crying like a baby in my office.

Thinking about Jesus' love, do you ever think thoughts somewhat like these:
  • I've messed up way too much
  • I've messed up way too often
  • I've had too many doubts
  • I've been away for so long
  • Maybe there is something wrong with me (that's my favorite)
Here's the thing: those are probably all true statements.  

We do mess up too much, too often, and everything else.  We struggle to do right, but then we mess up.  We try to avoid wrong, but then jump right in.  And then other times we just say "screw it." (Even big dogs in the Bible felt this way)

But the truth of that matter is this: there is nothing that we've done that will keep us away from the love of God.  Nothing.


We do have to deal with our junk, but Jesus is ready to help.  He's ready to take care of it.  He's ready for us to come back.  To come home.  

Mercy makes the coming home possible.  Grace throws the party.

Watch the video again.  While you do it - talk to Jesus.  Talk out loud.  

Tell him about your doubts. Your sense of loss.  Your fears.  Your mess ups.  Tell him about your hopelessness and about your secrets.  Lay it all out. Confess. 

And then be ready for the bear hug.
Be ready for the running up to you, chests slamming together, His tears on your cheek and shoulder, squeezing that air out of you hug.

And be ready to hear: "I missed you!  I love you!"

We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now he is found!’ Luke 15:32

Disclaimer: I am in NO way equating the military with being "prodigal."  I am incredibly faithful for our military and every sacrifice that every one of them makes.  These thoughts were in no way about them or downplaying them.  

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of that sacred moment we all anticipate when Christ returns in the midst of our daily grind and we will first look up to see him with faces changing from puzzlement to ecstasy.