Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Year at Logos

I really love to study the Bible.
I also really love to help people learn how to study the Bible.
I also really love technology (que Kip song).

And these three things are why I really love Logos Bible Software.

For the last 10 years I have been using Logos Bible Software for Bible study.  Regardless if what I was working on was for a youth group lesson, a grad school assignment, sermon or lecture prep, or just because I needed to be in the Word.  Logos has always been my "go to."

One year ago today I flew out to Bellingham WA to start training to be part of the Ministry Development team with Logos Bible Software.  This job has been a huge answer to prayer, and is continually a reminder for me of how God has provided for and protected my family.  It's a great company, from which I now have great friendships.  

Two cool videos here...

One to show how helpful, powerful, and amazing Logos is:

And one to both tell about the company and to explain how to pronounce it:

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Melaina said...

Hey Bobby,

I would love to get this for Chewy! Looks like the ultimate teachers tool!