Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loving what I get to do

Working with the Ministry Development team at Logos, I get to travel all over the country helping people study the Bible better.  It's an incredibly awesome and rewarding job.  

My colleague Joe Miller shared this story with our team about the conference he was at this weekend:
Me presenting Logos at the Equip conference in Minnesota

Today, a guy cam to my booth after the Logos demo.  He said his mother recently died and left him some money.  Mike wanted to buy something that would have lasting value and make her proud.  He thought about buying another musical instrument, but after seeing my Logos demo, Mike felt that a tool for meaningful Bible study was the legacy his mom would want to leave him.  He bought the Scholars Library.

Simple story but so cool.  

Awesome to know what we are doing is equipping people in their walk with the Lord, empowering them in their ministries, and building into their legacies.  

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