Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The 4yr old terrorist

While going through airport security tonight, in front of me a cute little 4 year old girl traveling with her grandparents was randomly selected to get a pat down search.

Go back and read that sentence again.

If we were at a Chuck E Cheese, Baylee would have run up to this little girl and asked if she wanted to play in the tubes with her.  I doubt Baylee would have been afraid the girl was packing.

The little girl had to wait by herself in the glass area for a TSA officier to come and perform the "additional screening." Her grandparents weren't allowed in with her, they had to stand outside, separated by the glass.

Having been right behind them, I was gathering my stuff when the TSA officer came and asked her to step out for the enclosed area.  As she exited he said, "How are you?"

Misunderstanding him, she lifted up four fingers.

"'re four."  And apparently still a potential travel risk.  Maybe it was because she had blonde hair and blue eyes.  Always good to address potential Aryans before they grow up.

I don't think the TSA officier performing her pat down thought it was really funny that as I walked by I said, "Thanks for protecting us from the dangerous ones."

I'm sure someone can give an apparently logical defense as to why this is legitimate and necessary, but as a father of an incredibly awesome little four year old, it still bothers me.  I will be honest though, I'm not sure what the alternative would be.  So I'll end with the acceptance that it is a necessary evil.  Along with that though, I will indeed also claim the satisfaction that comes with knowing that when the bell went off to randomly pick the girl, that I said out loud, "Gonna bet she's clear."

And I was right.

Score one for common sense.

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