Monday, June 06, 2011

To my sister Crystal

When we were younger we would mess with each other like any siblings would.  My favorite go-to means of torture was just to pin her down and start tickling.  However, I wouldn't stop tickling until she said the magic words.  Not, "Please stop!" That's boring.  Her yelling, "I'm going to pee!" Golden.  No pun intended.  A few years ago we were at my mom's house and just for old times I pinned her down and started tickling.  She acted like she was getting mad, but I knew she was loving the reminiscing.  My mom finally said, "Crystal, just say it so he'll stop."  So Crystal yelled it out, "I'm going to pee!" and I stopped.  Yeah, I'm a great brother.

Today is my sister Crystal's birthday.  She is "younger than me" years old.  I love her very much.

During one of our rare [sarcasm added] moments of fighting while we were growing up I told Crystal that mom didn't really birth her, that we found her in the cabbage patch amongst the other dolls.  Not one of my most empowering moments.  She didn't come from the cabbage patch, though based on the number of them that she had growing you would have thought she did.  No, she is indeed a gift our family received from God.

On June 6, 19** I got sister, Jeannette got a sister-in-law, and Baylee & Jaxon got an aunt.  And I am so proud to be to say that.

I love you Crystal with all my heart.  I hope you have an AMAZING birthday!

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Jessica said...

Oh goodness, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have had you as an older brother growing up... especially if you had matured a bit before becoming a youth pastor. ;) Haha, just kidding, of course. :) Also, that is very kind of you to censor her age, although she is definitely not old! Happy birthday to Crystal! :)