Sunday, June 26, 2011

TSA is an equal opportunity offender

A couple weeks ago I blogged about how, when going through airport security, I saw a little 4 year old princess get singled out for a TSA search.  To me it is still a shame.

Right now I'm sitting in Midway airport, waiting to catch a flight to South Carolina for work.  At my gate the news is reporting this:

So apparently a TSA officer's common sense doesn't increase the older the individuals are they are screening.  I'm sure there could have been something gross in that diaper, but not weapons of mass destruction.

Because I fly often I have to deal with TSA on a regular basis.  Many are kind, even funny at times.  Then there are those who check their brains at the door and treat people like this woman being reported on was treated.  It's completely uncalled for and wrong.

Hopefully this woman's unfortunate experience will help promote a screening of TSA procedures.  There does need to be changes made.  There doesn't need to be made changes that will decrease security, but they should add some that will increase the rational thinking power in their officers.

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