Monday, July 18, 2011

Week in Review #3

We were finishing up moving this weekend, therefore wasn't able to look back at last week.  So, it comes now a little late:
  • We have 95% of our stuff over at the condo. Still need to take clothes and some odds & ends. Oh yeah, and clean up the house =) 
  • My son Jaxon's 2nd birthday was on Wednesday. We had an amazing time at Odyssey Fun World. The funniest part of the whole time was that Jaxon wouldn't use his hands to eat his cupcake.  Not sure if he was scarred by the mess of his first birthday or what, but it was rather humorous.   
  • I was in Pensacola FL all day Thurs till Fri morning for work. Kinda stunk to be driving alongside the ocean and beaches but not being able to stop.  And I learned that people in Pensacola drive a lot different than people in Chicago.
  • IKEA is a time warp building. You walk in, but you don't realize you were there 3-4 hours until you are walking out.
  • LOVED this article about John Mayer and why he quit using social media
  • Still waiting for the Lion from Apple. I keep telling myself that I'm going to wait a week or two before upgrading, but I know I won't be able to wait.  Anyone else?
  • Google + is out. I love it! I love how simple it is, and I love how it is linked to all my other Google stuff. Here's a great overview on it: Google + - The Complete Guide. Will it take down Facebook? Not sure. But if anyone thinks it's not possible to take down such a large entity like Facebook, go check your MySpace page.
  • Have been thinking through a blog post about Casey Anthony and my take on the situation. Read this article on CNN that gets to the heart of what I've been thinking about: Casey Anthony and the Challenge of Forgiveness.   
  • Pic of the week.  Last Wednesday I was playing with Jaxon at Odyssey on the inflatables. As he climbed up the ladder I snagged this shot.  There's a depth to it that I love - watching my son climb. Keep going buddy. Keep going:


Jessica said...

I love John Mayer's thoughts on his experience with social media! I feel the same way, I just never knew how to explain it. said...

Being at IKEA reminds me of being at a casino, there are no right angles; talk about totally lose yourself. At lest at the IKEA I went to almost 8 years ago, Schaumburg location.

Just for the record:
Attendance at IKEA - 1 / Casino - 0 ;)

jennakristine said...

South Florida drivers are renowned for being utterly awful. I take it the rest of Florida might be the same!