Sunday, August 21, 2011

12 Years of God's Grace

12 years ago today my life changed. 

Standing upon a little hill on the Myer's castle grounds, I remember Jeannette walking into view with her dad. My jaw dropped. The family and friends present ceased to be. In that moment the realization was overwhelming: this beautiful woman walking toward me was going to be my wife. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with my friend.

What I didn't know in that moment was everything over the last 12 years that she would be in the midst of everything we would walk through:

Being my biggest supporter and help in youth ministry. Being a friend to the teens and a help in what we were doing. Allowing me to be gone at odd hours to have coffee with someone, understanding if I needed to leave in a seconds notice to help in an emergency.
Being my rock through many difficult church situations. Reminding me to lead with honor, to speak highly of people, to not give up.

Being my biggest encouragement through my lowest moments. During the seasons everything seemed dark and hopeless, she never stopped believing in me or helping me. She was my moon; reflecting the light of God so I could see in the dark. 

Being mom to our awesome children: Baylee Eden & Jaxon Zion. Caring for them and loving them with an amazing sense of character and sacrifice, doing it even during the times I need to be gone traveling for work. 

Being my friend. Laughing with me, having patience with me, spending time with me, traveling with me, supporting me, surprising me, amazing me.

As Jeannette walked the isle toward me 12 years ago, I had no idea of everything we would go through. But I did know that whatever life would bring, she was the one I wanted to experience it with.

In our wedding I surprised Jeannette with a song that I wrote for her, titled "God's Grace." To maintain the quality and beauty of our special day, I wasn't the one who sang. Just wrote the lyrics and played guitar. But as I reread them this morning, love has again overwhelmed my heart. The future is no less hazy, but we are indeed stronger, closer, and continually growing. I am in awe of the 12 years of God's grace we have had, and so deeply grateful of the wife Jeannette has been to her messed up dude.

I am incredibly thankful and excited; the next 12 years with Jeannette begins today!
God’s Grace

Why in the world am I standing here?
I ask not from doubt but from amazement
Of this dream come true.

Why in the world are you here with me?
So much more than I asked for, more than I deserve,
Love has overwhelmed my heart.

And the answer to my questions is
That God is worthy to be praised
He has joined us here by His grace.
And we’ve sworn friendship to each other
God is witness it will be forever
Living together in His perfect grace

What in the world will we find to come?
Family to raise, a generation to lead
Can you imagine the journey ahead?

And the answer to this question is
That God is worthy to be praised
He has joined us here by His grace
As husband & wife we’ll cling to him
As the hazy future becomes clear
Growing in and sharing of God’s grace


Jessica said...

12 years ago today was a great day indeed. I'm so thankful for you and Jeannette and everything you have both been to us, and I'm very thankful that you guys wanted to share your day with all of us youth group kids. Happy anniversary!

Kim said...

Happt Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I love hearing husbands speak so highly of their wives. It's precious. :)

Amanda P.

bobby moss said...

Thanks all!!!