Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in Review #7

An entire week back in the city with no traveling! Huge wow!!!
  • My boss and friend Pete was in Chicago most of the week. It's been awesome to be able to hang out with him and talk face-to-face, instead of the normal over the phone for the last year. Been taking him to some classic Chicago eating establishments.
  • Pete and I went to the Bears pre-game Saturday night. One sweet game! My first Bears game at Soldier Field, so it was awesome to experience that. And they won, which makes it all the better.
  • Last Thurs and Fri I was fortunate to have been able to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. They kicked the thing off with Mumford and Sons' "Awake My Soul" - which was indeed an incredible prelude of things to come for the rest of the two days. My favorite was Seth Godin. He literally blew me away with an incredibly inspiring talk. Have already bought two of his books since the conference. 
  • The CEO of Starbucks was supposed to be at the Summit, but pulled out on account of a boycott petition that was started against Starbucks for speaking at the church's conference. Bill Hybels addressed the issue on Thurs, this is the video. This is an incredible example of leadership being acted out expertly and compassionately. It was very well done.
  • I spoke yesterday in both the AM and PM services at our church. The message was on "Thou Shalt Not Murder." Inspired by Seth Godin, my PP presentation had 86 different slides. I was really excited about this talk, so hopefully people encouraged and challenged.
  • Found this on The Greatest Bruce Springsteen Songs. My favorite Bruce song is Badlands, so I'm glad it made the list. Number 1 could have been guessed by any true Boss fan; it's my 2nd favorite Bruce song.
  • HILARIOUS images for movie buffs: Movie Cliches are much funnier when they are illustrated.
  • The posts from last week
  • The PIC OF THE WEEK is from when we told Jaxon to give Baylee a hug. He ran to her and jumped in her arms:

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