Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week in Review #8

School has started, summer is ending, life is busy but awesome. Didn't get to do a "week in review" last weekend, so this is a double reflection:
  • Week one of the fall semester at Moody has successfully come to a close. Only 15 more to go! This semester I have my favorite class to teach, Hermeneutics. Also teaching Spiritual Life and Community, which is also a great class to teach, even though it is lovingly referred to as SLAC.
  • In an involuntary attempt to earn the world record for longest amount of time to move into a new place, we are for the most part unpacked in our new condo. Not traveling as intensively for work over the last couple weeks has helped get the final boxes unpacked. Now we are just in clean up mode
  • The last two weeks have been incredible for me. It's really hard to describe the encouragement my heart has had. It's a nice change of pace from where I was in the journey a year ago. I'll be sharing more as the days and weeks go on, but it's been a great reminder to me that God is always faithful. He is even we doubt it, and even when we aren't. He is good. 
  • Went to the Air & Water show for the first time ever. Yes, the first time ever. It was awesome. Thunderbirds were pretty amazing.
  • Had the privilege of officiating my stepbrother Robby's wedding. Welcome to the fam Val!
  • Jeannette is a faithful reader of Joe Stowell's blog, Strength for the Journey. She sent me this entry to read, and I'm glad she did.
  • The more I hear about this movie the more I want see it: BRAVE.
  • And I bear no shame is saying that I will go see this movie.
  • A letter from a serial killer. Great read.
  • Haven't tried this out yet, but it's on my list to do so: Booklamp
  • Not a lot of posts from the last two weeks with the craziness of school starting, but there were a few:
  •  And pics from the last two weeks:
Taking Stitch for a walk
My child - wearing one of my Star Wars shirts to bed
Notice the Buzz Lightyear socks
Congrats to Rob & Val!

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