Monday, September 26, 2011

It's worth your time to check these blogs out

Supposedly, there are 152 million blogs on the internet. "What in the world is a blog?" you might ask (please don't ask what the internet is). It is basically a way to share information. That's a pretty short, unsexy definition, but it works.  

Blogs can be a way for people to record their daily ongoings and feelings, or they can be a means for corporations to share about their products and vision. There's pretty much a blog out there for any area of life, and any nuance is passionately detailed and received by those who care. 

I follow about 135+ different blogs. Some are written by people that I know, most by people I've heard of. Some have to do with ministry, some with culture, some with techie news, and some are just for fun. Here's a breakdown of some of the blogs I follow that would be worth your time to check them out: 

Blogs that I read without fail every day are:  
  • Michael Hyatt - one of the most read leadership blogs on the internet. 
  • Seth Godin - marketing, leadership, creativity master who empowers and inspires people.
These two blogs I get sent to my email, the updates are normally waiting for me in the morning. Some of the other blogs I follow using a blog reader (going to talk about that in another post), and can be broken up into these categories:

Ministry & Churchee Peeps:
People I actually know:
  • Lot's of these - if I try listing them all I'll probably miss someone and then won't hear the end of it. So...nope.

What blogs do you love? 
Post me some suggestions in the comment box!


Daniel Benjamin said...

What do you use for rss? I'm in love with reeder these days

Jessica said...

Love that Kim and Greg made the list!

How in the world do you keep up with so many? Do most post daily? I follow 45, but some are people that don't post anymore, some don't update daily, and some update once or twice a day [which is always exciting for me :)]. Most are interior design/DIY/crafty blogs, so I'm not sure that you'd be interested, but if you are, I'd love to share my faves. :) Some are people I found who blog about their journey and walk with God, and those are encouraging and enlightening.

Also, one that I love is the B&N Nook blog because every Friday they post a free book, and then one commenter always post new additions to their free section. I know Amazon also has free books for the Kindle, but I don't know if they have a blog about it. Not sure about Apple and iBooks. But I know you can get Nook and Kindle apps for a lot of devices, so more people than just Nook/Kindle owners may be able to benefit from these free books.

Do you read Jon Acuff's other blog []? Obviously a different vibe than SCL, but I like it.

bobby moss said...

D - when I'm on my Mac I normally just use the Google Reader site. On my iPad/iPhone I use MobileRSS. But I do want to check out Reeder.

Jessica - Per influence of Mr Hyatt, I'm going to do some various posts about blogs and blogging, so I'm going to put one together about following them and reading them. But no, I don't care about your interior design sites. But thanks anyway. =) Thanks for the B&N blog heads up though! That one is awesome, because I love me some free books! =)

Jessica said...

What, you don't want to make your new condo all pretty with some sweet DIY projects?! ;)

Looking forward to your posts on blogs and blogging. The last few months I've been getting back into reading them, although this time I'm not friends with all the writers. :)

Carrie said...

Re: Humor --
You MUST check out . Her stories are a-mazing. Yes, with a hyphen, they're that good. :)