Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Rocky's shadow: I ran up the steps in Philly!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my favorite movie series of all time. But right behind those six films are the Rocky movies. Yes, Indiana Jones and the Godfather movies are up there as well. But I have always loved Rocky. Anything you can say about Rocky V is irrelevant. The story of Rocky, from first seeing Micky & Paulie and first hearing "Yo Adrian!" to the culminating final walk out of the stadium in Rocky Balboa, the films are completely worthy of the title "Classics."

Yesterday my family and I ended a few days in Ocean City, NJ and were flying out of Philly to head home. We had about 2 hours to kill before going to the airport. There wasn't any debate on what we were going to do - I wanted to run the Rocky steps!

And I did...

The statue from the movies had been removed from the area, but they have sense returned it. Whose dumb idea was it to get rid of it in the first place?!?! Here's Jaxon & I by the statue:

This really was a cool experience. I grew up with these films. They were always incredibly inspiring as well as just great movies (again, keep your comments about Rocky V to yourself!). I'm looking forward to watching them with Jaxon someday. Maybe we'll return some day and run the steps again together.

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David said...

Dude, I loved Rocky 5.

Oh wait, that ain't the "Rocky Balboa" one, is it?