Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week in review #11

Just woke up from getting over 9 hours of sleep last night. Can't remember the last time that happened. But based on the past week, the extra sleep was needed:
  • Went to a conference in Ocean City, NJ this week from Sunday night to Wednesday. It was a very well put on event. Very glad that Jeannette and the kids were able to tag along for this one. The afternoons were wide open, so we had a couple great, low key afternoons walking along the boardwalk and ocean. Lots of sea shells were found and over priced ice cream eaten.
  • Really was blown away by Philly during the very brief time we were there on Wednesday. As we went from the Rocky statue to Pat's Cheesesteak to the airport we were able to take in some of the city streets. Jeannette and I both agreed it was a place we would come back to for exploration.
  • Wednesday night I gathered a group of creatives and artists from our church to take next steps in planning a huge event for church. It's called UNFINSHED and is a night celebrating 25 years of New Life's ministry. It's awesome when you get that many creative people in a room, and the event will be amazing!
  • Big things happening in the Moss fam. News to come this week probably. 
  • Observation from the week - some church leader's seem to carry their arrogance as a badge of honor. That's just plain stupid.
  • The Star Wars movies came out on Blue Ray - and I'm waiting for mine to be delivered. Time for an epic day of nostalgia and movie greatness.
  • And on a Star Wars note - according to this site, scientists found a planet in a distant solar system with an unusual characteristic. The planet has two suns! Because of this, scientist have named the planet Tatooine. See...the Star Wars universe does exist!!! 
  • Our Chicago mayor is participating in a FourSquare campaign specifically designed to Chicago. In my opinion it's pretty sweet that he is doing it.
  • Of all that was done to remember 9/11 last weekend, this by far was my favorite: Cartoonists Remember 9/11. Amazing use of art and example of unity for a purpose.
  • Posts from this week:
  • Pics of the week: 
Ready to leave and get going
On the board walk...


Walking the Atlantic shore, collecting many shells

View from the ferris wheel

Baylee on the spinning around like crazy ride

Best helper I've ever had

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