Sunday, September 18, 2011

DEFIANCE: Turn Your World Upside Down

Today at church we are starting a new teaching series called DEFIANCE: Turn Your World Upside Down. It's going to a great few weeks of digging into the Bible's letter of 1 Thessalonians

Here is our explanation of what it's all about:

Our culture invites people into a life of doing whatever you want. People live with no real thought of implication or consequence. To jump in and go with the flow would be pretty easy. But God calls those who follow him to a greater standard. Following Jesus today means going against the flow, because living a holy life flies in the face of our world system. It's anything but easy and yet it's what our returning King calls us to do. So join us for our newest sermon series: DEFIANCE – Turning our world upside down!

One of our incredibly talented artists/video guys in church, Juan Zavaleta, made this awesome teaser video for the series:

Come on out to New Life Lincoln Park as we get this thing rolling: 1110 W Lill, Chicago, IL 60614

Services are at 10am and 5pm (I'll be speaking at the 5pm).

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