Monday, September 19, 2011

A reminder of - "I want to holded"

Back in January I shared this story of Baylee almost bringing Jeannette and I to tears (happy ones): "I want to be holded" It's actually one of the most read posts ever on my blog.

Well, Saturday night before bedtime Baylee and I had the below conversation. It was another reminder of wanting to be held.

Me: "Baylee, will you promise me that after you turn 5 that you won't get any bigger? Can you just stay like this? I really like you this size."

Baylee: "Sure. Wait just a minute." 

She then turns around in front of me, closes her eyes and clasps her hands, "God, please let me be five for a long long time. Amen."

She then turns back to face me and says, "I hope he answers that dad because I like it when you hold me.

And again...she near brings me to tears.

Tonight's moment made me think of the one back in January. Very lucky to have this little lady in my life - because she continually points me toward seeing what is most important.

"Lord...teach me to pray like a 4 year old. Amen"

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Josh Garcia said...

Thats awsome! my wife is due in feb.06-12 and we just found out that we are having a girl. God is amazing; this process of seeing life developement by our king is breath taking. God is Good-