Sunday, October 30, 2011

Very thankful and proud of our worship team!

The worship team at New Life Lincoln Park is AMAZING!!! They are an incredibly talented group of people who all love Jesus immensely, and they had both these things in full display last night when they put on ROCKTOBER! It was an all-out rock-out fund-raising Halloween party! 

Because of traveling for work I wasn't able to get there till late, but I could hear the music as I approached the building.  A huge song list was available for people to choose from, and songs were priced out at $3, $5, and $10 (I think that was the price range). The bands then took turns performing the purchased songs, with all proceeds going to New Life Centers, our church's non-profit organization. At the end of the night $400 was raised!!! 

Here's a few pics from the night:
The awesome crowd

Waiting for their turn to rock

Rick and Sylvia's awesome costumes

So I'm really proud of this gang! They did a phenomenal job pulling this off, giving everyone an incredibly fun night for a great cause. The best part was that they were so excited about doing something like this for Jesus. It was about using their gifts to serve Him and make Him proud. 

And I know they for sure did that!

The New Life Lincoln Park Worship Team

Here are some videos from while I was there:


I requested my favorite Springsteen song, Better Days, and Andy did an amazing job on it:

I Gotta Feeling:

You Don't Always Get What You Want:

The Middle:


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Queren D. said...

THE bestest halloween EVER!!! Great friends, Awesome music, Fun environment, God's LOVE everywhere! NewLife Lincoln Park ROCKS!!!