Saturday, October 08, 2011

Week in review #14

This was one of those weeks filled with everything. Some excitement, some low, some fun, some dull. It was all over the map:
  • My son has been sick this week. Little bit of a virus, little bit of congestion. He and Baylee were running around at one point and he fell. I got him up and cradled him on the couch to try a little consoling. The crying, on top of already being worked up, led to a major vomit. HUGE! All over my shirt, all over my shorts, splashed on my glasses, all over him. Yes, it was quite disgusting. So we both went and got in the tub. He found this quite fun, being able to fill up a cup of water and dump it on dad's head over and over and over and over again. A disgusting moment turned into a pretty cool bonding moment.
  • On Wednesday Jeannette and I went to see Carrie Fisher perform her autobiographical one-woman show, Wishful Drinking. If you don't know who Carrie Fisher is, she played Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. Hence why we wanted to go. It was hilarious!! A little heartbreaking at times, but her openness about her experiences made for a great night of stories. She started talking about Star Wars by saying, "30 years ago George Lucas ruined my life." She explained how he owns her likeness and all of the different things she has been made into. She said, "Every time I look in the mirror I have to send George five bucks."
  • If you are a male, you MUST read this article: Why men are in trouble
  • The internal dark cloud came back a little bit toward the end of the week. Not sure why. Inevitable I guess. Clearer skies today.
  • We were on our way to Wishful Drinking when we heard about Steve Jobs. My post on his passing is below, but these were some of my favorite posts from the week about him:
  • The new TV seasons have begun. I'm not a TVaholic, but I do have my shows:
    • Parks & Rec - great first few episodes! Leslie Knope for mayor, but Ron Swanson for president!!!
    • The Office - little worried how this season was going to go with Michael Scott gone, but what they are doing with Andy Bernard is brilliant!  
    • GLEE - This is mine and Jeannette's show to watch together. We both agree that it has been an incredible first few episodes.
    • House - my favorite show on TV. Season premiere is waiting for me on the TIVO at home.
  • Posts from this past week:
  • Pics of the week:
If he had 3 other buddies they could make a Beatles album

With her fall bouquet

Outside of the Apple store on Michigan Ave

Honoring Steve: the apples with bites out of them are the best

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