Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week In Review #15

I was doing really good with consistent blogging for a couple months. Then this week happened. I've been sick and wiped out since Tuesday. It's been really up and down through that: Tues felt horrible, somewhat better Wed, Thurs back to bad, Fri pretty good, and today horrible again. Any spare minute was spent horizontal, trying to get extra rest. Hence, not a lot of blogging this week. But, this was the week apart from being sick:
  • Last Sunday into Tuesday my friends Todd, Josh, Jason, Micah, Luke, and Randy embarked on our annual DA BEARS road trip. Last year we saw the Bears kill Charlotte. This year we traveled to Detroit and experienced what being killed was like. Most on this coming in a post this week.
  • Two days on the road to Detroit and followed by three days of being sick was a week long experience of realizing I am very thankful for my family and very thankful for my friends. We all need those reminders from time to time.
  • Wednesday night we had the worship team from Lincoln Park over to the condo. What an amazing group of people! Ate a lot of Chinese, talked about church, and brainstormed great ideas for Christmas. Very grateful to with a team like this!!
  • Updated the phones to iOS 5 on Wed. If you are an iPhone/iPad/iTouch user and haven't done this yet you are MISSING OUT! The additions and changes are phenomenal. Here is a pretty extensive explanation of everything in it: Apple iOS 5, and this page goes into each feature in details: Everything you need to know about iOS 5. The new notification system is by far my favorite new feature, but there is really so many new things or tweaked things. This is by far my favorite article on Steve Jobs that I've read since his death: My Neighbor, Steve Jobs.
  • Pic of the week:

That's really all I have right now. Blogging will commence this week.

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