Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Bears lose, but the buddies win

Sunday night the Bears destroyed the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 39-10. My sister was at the game, so yes, I was incredibly jealous. Break the 10th commandment and ask for repentance jealous. Why? Because the week before, on Monday night, the Bears were destroyed by the Detroit Lions with a final score of 13-24. And that was the game I was at.

The 3rd annual DA B.E.A.R.S. road trip took place last weekend. DA B.E.A.R.S. stands for "DA Brothers Extreme Annual Retreat Somewhere." Six friends of mine and I pick an away game to road trip to. The first year was at Cincinnati, last year was to Charlotte, and this year was the Monday night game in Detroit. To pull the trip off is a team effort, and we each have our jobs:
  • President of Operations - Luke
  • Vice President of Operations - Todd
  • Director of Lodging and Social Media - Bobby
  • Director of Travel Logisitcs - Josh
  • Director of Inception - Micah 
  • Planner of Meal & Rations Coordination - Jason
  • Security - Randy 
Unfortunately, this year our team royally got their butts kicked. Walking back to the van after the game was one of the longest walks of my life. The walk of shame: having to tread through all the Detroit fans who wanted to make sure we distinctly knew that they won and we didn't. 

Though the Bears lost, it was still an amazing trip. Being with these guys who I love and appreciate is a highlight of the year. We try to do stuff all the time, but this is the big thing. Like a kid waiting for Christmas to come around, this is what we build up excitement to. It's an incredibly fun and amazing time. 

I was sick all last week after getting home (I blame it on the loss) so really didn't blog at all. But I wanted to capture this year's roadtrip. These are some of my favorite pics from the two days:

Chicago Marathon was going on while I headed out to meet the guys

Attempting to get an Xbox connected to the hotel TV

Heading down to the Brazilian steakhouse. Todd & I are very excited.
Walking around Detroit is kinda weird. Incredibly empty.

Texting my wife...because I missed her

Feed me

No...I am not a Vegan.

We had these guys working hard.

We heard they were the best chili dogs around, and we would agree. Lafayette's next door were kinda gross

Dan Dan the Hot Dog man entertained us with stories. He was awesome!

Dan loved talking to us - he came out while we were standing outside and continued the stories
Detroit has their own Halo ring

Josh, Todd, & I.

The Boys

Candid shot. Sorta

We found a van...down by the river.

Luke prepping for the game.

Todd, me, and Bumblebee

We're going to get a few of these for next year's road trip

Heading to the game

Stupid Detroit fans

Pregame. We got photo-bombed.

J acting tough

Randy & I representing "The Coach"

Bears fans show up early

We had to find another Bear fan to take the pic, didn't trust Detroit people with J's camera

Todd & I are trying to act serious. Randy, well...

Me & Jason

On the way home


Jessica said...

Ugh, I am so thoroughly jealous of your Bears trips. I need a group like this, and it could even be co-ed because the hubs would totally want to come along. You guys took some cool pictures too, makes it look even more fun.

I don't know how far in advance you guys plan these trips, but next year you may want to choose a city where the home team has a worse record than us rather than one that is undefeated at the time. ;) Honestly though, before this season, I never would've guessed Detroit would kick our butts. I do not envy your parking lot walk of shame, that's for sure.

Glad you had a good trip!

bobby moss said...

Yeah - the teams are picked based on available schedule of the 7 guys, not so much specific teams. This weekend was the only one we could all go to. And hey...at the beginning of the summer, Detroit was looking pretty good. =)