Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Siri says - funniest help I've had in awhile

Last Friday I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to the 4S. Going from what I had to the new version is a pretty substantial change, and I must say I love this new phone! The camera is phenomenal, the speed is substantially better than the 3GS, and I'm starting to really get into the new iCloud as well.

But one of the coolest additions is the virtual Assistant feature, called Siri. She will help with pretty much anything. The way Siri works is that you hold down the iPhone's home button and then say whatever you need help with. "Call my wife," "Type up an email to Matt, "Find restaurants near me," "Send a text to Kevin," "Remind me to send a fax when I get to the office," and a ton of other things I'm still learning about. Basically, most things you'd want to do with the smart phone Siri will assist to make it happen.

Siri is also pretty funny. Somethings what you ask her is answered with rather humorous responses. Below are some of my exchanges. A few I did just messing around, others I've been told about and had to see for myself. They bring a good chuckle:

And my personal favorite...

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Brad said...

Sounds like Smarterchild back on AIM.