Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God Speaks: preaching a message without saying a word

The first message in our new "Hearing God" series this past Sunday lasted 29 minutes. During this time there wasn't a word audibly spoken. It was the quietest I've heard the crowd or the sanctuary. As it was communicated Sunday night, if the message was about God speaking then it seemed best I didn't. So I just stood there, and let Him do the rest.

God speaks. That is the what this message is about. Just click through the slides and you'll hear what everyone heard Sunday:

For those from New Life Lincoln Park who were asking for the notes (or anyone), you can download a PDF of the slides here or the actual PowerPoint here.

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Tim Dearborn said...

Impressive and powerful, but I have one question? How many people stopped by after the service to pick up an audio CD?