Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The pain of miscarriage and the goodness of God


When talking of miscarriage, I'm not sure if there is a better word that can be used to describe what you're going through. Every person I've ever met who has gone through the experience uses this word when telling their story. 


When talking of God, this is one of many words we can use when describing Him.  Goodness is part of His defining character. It's who He is...all the time.

How these two words can come together in one story is hard to fathom. Yet, I'm incredibly thankful for my friends Tiffany & Daniel Schaaff. Last week Tiffany shared their story on her blog and beautifully brought these two words together. 

I'd really encourage you to take a minute and read her entry: God is Good...So Good!

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zanetta said...

Randy has a strange interpretation for those who have experienced this pain. It doesn't ease the earthly hurting of the human soul but I appreciate his perspective and it causes you to look differently. We've shared it with our dear friends who've lost at least 8 children and live birthed 3. "Sweet E." takes heart in this knowledge.