Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The humor of Gmail going down today

My Gmail wasn't working earlier today. Getting the send error led to getting an "oops...not able to connect to servers" error. What in the world is going on? 

So I went to Twitter to ask the world what was up. There were a ton of responses back from the simple search of "Gmail Down." There was first confirmation that the service was indeed not working for many people. A large amount of people actually. Not being the only person affected by the outage, my Twitter search also brought a lot of responses from people "sharing" about the outage. 

Some of the responses were just stating the growing obvious - the service wasn't working. Some were disgruntled users acting like bratty 4yr olds. But there were also a ton of humorous comments. I got to the point where screen shots started to get taken as I laughed more and more through them:

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Steph or Trev said...

This is really funny!