Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day and AntiChrists and Creepers

This past Sunday was Mother's Day. At church we had a special time during the service celebrating our moms, over 25 in total! Though we gave thank you gifts to all of them, special gifts went to specific moms from the group. The special gifts went to the newest mom (less than 2 week old), the mom who came the furthest to be with us (California), the mom with the most grand-kids (7), and the mom who had been in labor the longest (60 hours!!!!). Go ahead and let that last one set in for a minute: 60 hours in labor. It was summarized perfectly on Sunday by Rick when he said, "I wish we had a Purple Heart to give you." 

For the actual message we continued in our CONTRASTS series going through 1 John. The scripture we went though was 1 John 2:18-27, which isn't the first text anyone would probably pick for mother's day as it is about antichrists. But it was the next part of the letter so I went with it. 

The message was entitled, "Beware of the Creepers" and can be summarized by this image:

If you'd like to listen to it click here or to download it click here.

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