Saturday, May 05, 2012

Passing on the Star Wars legacy & being a good dad

Yesterday was the unofficial Star Wars day: May the 4th be with you. I wasn't going to get home till late from a work trip, but Jeannette and I talked on the phone earlier in the day and decided it was time for the kids to experience the movies. Being my kids they've obviously heard of them and know who some of the characters are, but they hadn't seen them yet. 

Both got incredibly excited when Jeannette explained what the day was and that we were going to watch the movies when I got home. Evidence of their excitement came in this text that I got from Jeannette during the day:

I didn't get home from my trip till after 10pm, but they were still up and ready to go:

And so last night the baton was passed and the dad moment I've been waiting for occurred: my kids saw Star Wars for the first time!

Now we didn't start the movie till 10:30pm. Both were completely into it from the get go. When the Star Destroyer came across the screen Jaxon yelled, "WHOO - that's a big space ship!" He asked who every person was and made comments throughout. It was hilarious. But as funny as it was 11pm was too much and he was curled up on the couch way before Han shot Greedo. 

The movie ended around 12:45am and Baylee was up for every minute. She was asking questions and making comments just like Jaxon. She thought the Catina band was hilarious but she literally busted out laughing when Han kicked Chewie into the garbage shoot. For her it was all about the princess, of course, however she said she doesn't want her hair put up in buns like that. And when the final credits came on the screen she put her hands in the air and yelled, "Again!" was a good May 4th. A good May 4th indeed.

But this wasn't just about them seeing these movies. It was about them seeing the movies with me. This was about sharing something with them, experiencing something with them

There are more important things in life than Star Wars that I want to share and pass on to Baylee and Jaxon: a passion for Jesus and the gospel, a love of reading and learning, a value of working hard and sacrificially, and many other things. 

But I also want to enjoy life with them. I want to jump and run and giggle and imagine and explore, building awesome memories with them. Awesome memories that will give me a foundation to speak into their lives about what really matters. I think the reason some parents struggle getting anything serious and instructional across to their kids is because their kids don't know them as anything but serious and instructional.  

Last night as the movie was starting I sat in front of the kids and said, "You guys - this is daddy's FAVORITE movie of all movies and I am SO EXCITED to be able to share it with you. I have been waiting so long to watch this with you and it is going to be AWESOME!" 

The smiles were huge.
The hugs were tight. 
And though I've seen Star Wars countless times, last night was the best viewing I've ever had.

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