Friday, June 15, 2012

One year of school down: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Last weekend was Baylee's last day of preschool, complete with end of the school year music program. Baylee's class did "Hot, Hot, Hot"

Two really funny parts of the video:
  • Around the 00:44 if you listen close you can hear Jaxon yell for Baylee from the audience =)
  • Just after 02:02 some serious booty shaking takes place
One year of school done. 

We found out on Tuesday that she is accepted to be a student at the Walt Disney Magnet school. Incredibly grateful. Grateful but now we're just one blink away before she'll be heading to college.  


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donna said...

Wow what a perfomance how awesome and proud you must be. I cannot believe she is graduating from pre-school already. Look out american idol here comes Baylee.